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Welcome to FishyOnline.com, the home of Something Fishy Inc.!  Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.  Something Fishy is an aquarium service company that installs and maintains aquariums in the Chicagoland area.  We consider ourselves to be a young and innovative company that has translated a passion and dedication into an exceptional aquarium service. The dedication can be seen through the craftsmanship of our aquariums.  The passion can be seen through the strong relationships we have with our clients.  With over a decade of professional experience in the industry, we are confident in our ability to help create a beautiful aquarium for your business or home.

Please take the time to navigate through the various pages to get a better understanding of the different types of services we offer, the portfolio of some different work we have done, and of course, let’s not forget the contact section so we can further assist you in the next step toward having a stunning aquarium installed and maintained by our staff. 

We hope you enjoy the site and once again thank you for taking the time to visit with us!

Providing the best in the Fishy Business!

-Something Fishy, Inc.

Something Fishy, Inc. & Niedorezo Design Corp. Unite

We take great pride in the fact that our company bleeds creativity in everything we do, but as beautifully put by the Beatles, we can always use a little help from our friends.

Something Fishy Inc. is proud to announce their partnership with Niedorezo Design Corporation, a Chicago based custom design company. This partnership brings a great excitement within our business for the pure fact that we are confident in creating and designing the aquarium of your dreams. No matter the space, color, shape or mood. The sky’s the limit, friend.

Please feel free to visit our friends at Niedorezo Design Corp by visiting their website: www.designnn.com

Preschool Owners/Illinois Child Care Association

On the weekend of February 19th, Something Fishy, Inc., was a vendor for the PSO/ICCA event at the Westin Hotel in Itasca, Illinois.

This event gave the opportunity for Something Fishy to demonstrate to various preschools around the Chicagoland area how beneficial an aquarium can be within their own school’s facility. We are extremely thrilled with the amount of interest generated from the event and feel free to visit the, “Fishy Blog,” to follow up on how the weekend went overall.

Please feel free to visit our friends at PSO/ICCA by visiting their website www.pso-icca.org.

Something Fishy Inc. Supports Connor and Helps Fight Cancer!

While we strive to provide beautiful aquariums for our clients, sometimes it’s important to do more for our community and support things we truly feel passionate towards.

Connor Ruisz is a 3 year old boy who was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a rare and aggressive brain tumor. On September 17th, Something Fishy participated and donated towards the Cure 4 Connor Event at Deer Creek Golf Club. It was a fantastic event that helped support Connor’s family as he continues his treatment.

Something Fishy sponsored a hole at the event and even had a chance to joke around and have fun with Connor and his friends. Overall, we were honored to be a part of this special day. Just don’t ask us to see our score cards...

To learn more about Connor and ways to donate please visit www.cure4connor.com

Gettin’ Fishy with the Kids at IJHS!

For Something Fishy Inc. we don’t just want to add a piece of beauty into an environment, we constantly go the distance to do more. And what better way than to educate kids about conservation and an eco-system that not only captures the imagination but serves as a limitless educational tool.

It’s not everyday you get to go to school and watch a bamboo shark egg hatch in your schools library or touch a starfish!

To learn more about our educational programs that we offer for schools, preschools, or other educational institutions, please feel free to call us at 708.597.FISH or email us at support@fishyonline.com!